Dreams of Mars

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Sep 292016
Dreams of Mars

(credit: Space X video) Musk Endeavors to Make Reality Catch Up with Science Fiction Elon Musk is nutty as a fruitcake. He has to be to dream this big and have any chance of reaching those dreams. Musk and others like him are the only ones with enough passion who can. Of course, it helps more »

The Cyberian Candidate

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Jul 272016
The Cyberian Candidate

The Russian penetration  of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network at first glance seems like the “third-rate” burglary that Richard Nixon’s tricksters tried to pull at the DNC’s  headquarters in 1972. But just as with Watergate, this latest political thievery has the earmarks of becoming a first-rate thriller. I’ve written before about advances in cyber more »

Dec 292015
Rocket Scientists Follow Science Fiction’s Lead

I don’t recall many science fiction stories that had manned spacecraft landing on Earth by parachuting into water.  There might have been a few SF stories based on the Apollo program, but parachutes? No. So last week’s powered landing of Space X’s Falcon 9 first stage was a step backward in time to when SF more »

Jun 152014
"That is how a 21st century spaceship should land"

SpaceX has been making great strides in proving its launch capabilities and competing for acceptance from NASA to carry astronauts back into space on an American rocket. But in the neck-and-neck competition to have a private enterprise spacecraft crew rated, it struck me that SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft was lagging behind Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser when more »

ISON dead. Wait, no it’s not!

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Nov 292013

It was to be the comet of the century, or at least the comet of the century so far. But as ISON made its much anticipated solar rendezvous on Thanksgiving day, something happened to it on the far side of the Sun. Initially, astronomers said the comet failed to reappear as it circled the Sun, more »

Chinese Worm the Latest Turn in Cyber-War

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Oct 072013
Chinese Worm the Latest Turn in Cyber-War

The plot is chilling. A cyber-mercenary gang known as “Icefog” operating out of China unleashes its insidious worm “Dagger Three” to infiltrate computers of foreign governments and their defense contractors, steal vital secrets, then leaves in an electronic mist before anyone is the wiser. Sounds like a job for James Bond, though maybe he’s too more »

Aug 272013
One-Way to Mars: Is it the only way?

No, but maybe sending colonists first is the better way If you want to go to Mars, you only have a few days left to apply. But if you want a round trip ticket, you’re going to have to wait a while longer. The plan of the Mars One Foundation to send would-be colonists to more »

“Wheels down on Mars”

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Aug 062012
“Wheels down on Mars”

That call at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed the rover and robotic laboratory Curiosity landed safely on Mars late Sunday night Pacific Time. An anxious crowd of controllers, engineers and scientists at the JPL control room erupted into cheers, applause, hugs and a collective sigh of relief that Curiosity survived the feared “seven minutes of more »

Aug 022012
A machine will land, but the explorers are human

  My posts on this site have stressed that good science fiction is not about machines and high tech. It’s about people. But what about science news? The big news right now out of NASA is about this weekend‘s landing of NASA’s Martian Science Laboratory, a car-sized, nuclear-powered rover called Curiosity. When it attempts to more »

A great day for physicists

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Jul 052012
A great day for physicists

July 4 was one of those exceptional, watershed days for physicists. Years from now, a group of lucky physicists will still smugly tell colleagues and awe-inspired students, “I was there when they announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle.” The rest of us will likely go, “Huh?” You have to understand, this is a more »