Casting Call for Sci-Fi Audio Drama

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Sep 252013

I have faced many delays with this project, but now that I have the funding, I’m moving ahead with the production of a short sci-fi audio drama, Shalbatana Solstice. I hope to record before the end of the year. If scheduling works out, sometime in October.

Shalbatana is a short story prequel to my novel, Lunar Dust, Martian Sands. My plan is to release the novel and the audio drama simultaneously. For those involved with earlier demos of Lunar Dust, Martian Sands, I still hope to produce the multipart, full-cast audio version of the novel, but thought it best to start with a smaller audio project and the book to see how that goes.

Click on the image to hear and view a song demo of the "Waves of Shalbatana" from the audio drama, Shalbatana Solstice.

Click on the image to hear and view a song demo of the “Waves of Shalbatana” from the audio drama, Shalbatana Solstice. Illustration courtesy NASA

Shalbatana Solstice is set during a festival at a remote Martian science station on the bluffs overlooking the dry lakebed of Shalbatana Valley.  Yet not many people have heard of this festival, and attendance is by invitation only. More mysteriously, no one who’s been there ever tells anyone else about what goes on at this festival, but they hint at something extraordinary that occurs during the Null Time, those 40 minutes after midnight yet before the new Martian day. All anyone knows is that some people who witness the events decide to catch the first flight back to Earth, even if it’s a long wait. For others, they’re even more convinced to stay as 22nd century Martian pioneers.

There are six roles to fill, though one role is small and may be doubled up another to be played by the same actor.

The characters are:

  • Ed, a young shuttle pilot, the lead character who’s also the lead in Lunar Dust, Martian Sands
  • Paul, a French geologist who will soon be returning to Earth’s Moon
  • Elissa, a scientist at the station (this role is filled, though scheduling may be an issue)
  • Hafiz, a ticket agent for the shuttle service (Only appears in scene one)
  • Jim, director of the Shalbatana Science Station
  • Ann, a chemist at the station and a Martian folk singer.

Music plays an important part in this story in a song performed by Ann. For this character. For this role, I’m looking for an actor who can also perform in a folk singer style as opposed to a Broadway style. Click on the image for a link to a demo of the song performed by songwriter Dan Bouwman.

We will be recording at LaLuna Studio in Kalamazoo. The recording session may be one or two evenings, or one Saturday session. I’m planning a second recording session for the music, including incidental and theme music for the work.

If you’re interested in joining the cast, please contact me through the form below so I can send you further details of the characters.

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