Bookstore open, more to come

Martian Sands’ online affiliate bookstore offers works that look into the near future, both in fiction and nonfiction. We will consider recommendations from authors and readers on books to include as  featured titles, but to be considered for listing, fiction works must meet these criteria.

  • Martian Sands BookstoreIt must be SCIENCE Fiction, not fantasy nor the occult. The setting must be a plausible future.
  • The story is still about people, or at least sentient beings. An AI fits that definition. A corporation or a fusion drive does not.
  • The time frame is roughly from now to 200 years ahead. Time travel stories exempt.
  • All titles must be available for affiliate sales from online booksellers such as Amazon, Smashwords or publisher sites.

These are broad guidelines. Plausible doesn’t have to mean likely. All science fiction has some element of the fantastic, and often the eventual reality is more fantastic than the fictional predictions. Science and technology is the context, but not necessarily the driving force of the narrative. You don’t have to know the science behind the setting of your story; your writing just needs to show you know science exists.

What I’m looking for are stories about humanity as they take their first steps to the planets and ultimately the stars, and their efforts to deal with what they have created on Earth.

Short stories

MartianSands will feature selected short stories submitted by authors that still meet the guidelines above. Rather than simply list the title and cover image on the bookstore pages, however, we will feature three stories per month through the site’s regular blog posting. The presentation will include a large illustration, either from the cover image or an original, a short introduction on why we picked the story, and the story’s opening two or three paragraphs followed by an affiliate link to the sales site. The author controls the price through normal affiliate sales settings.

For short stories, our preference is new or recent works. You are welcome to submit unpublished works provided you make the story available for affiliate sales in an e-book format by the time it’s posted on MartianSands.

Submit novel and nonfiction book titles

Send only the author’s name and title. a brief synopsis, and the online bookseller where it’s available. Authors can specify a preferred online seller so long as it offers an affiliate sales link. Send to the MartianSands Bookstore, placing the author’s last name followed by the book title in the subject line.

Submit short stories

Only authors should submit short stories. Send a link to a free version of the complete story (not the link to be used for affiliate sales) or attach the story as a Word document.  Send your submissions to MartianSands Short Stories, placing the author’s last name followed by the story title.

– Tom C.


  3 Responses to “Bookstore”

  1. You can list mine if you like.
    They match your criteria but may not be to your taste

  2. I’ll let the comments on Amazon speak for my hard sf novel “A Larger Universe.”

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